W.L. Pritchard & Co., L.C.
2228 Q Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20008


Telecommunications Engineering and Regulatory


Expert in communications system engineering and program management


Expert in satellite orbital calculations, selection of special orbits, characteristics, footprint coverage diagrams, tracks of Low Earth Orbit satellites


Expert in satellite communications systems design and analysis


Expert with experience in the technologies of spacecraft subsystems, satellite orbits (Geosynchronous & Low Earth Orbit)


Expert in procurement, installation, and test of Earth stations in the USA and abroad


Expert experienced in satellite communications, broadcast engineering and regulatory engineering,


Expert in  wireless and terrestrial data network design


Engineer with excellent analytical and simulation expertise in advanced digital satellite communications and networking pertaining to transmission, modulation, coding, multiple access 


Seasoned engineer with management and project management experience; telecom facilities: planning, design and construction management;


Attorney and engineer with extensive experience counseling clients in all areas of intellectual property law, and a frequent speaker on intellectual property law issues


Engineer with technical / general management experience and exceptionally broad technical capabilities in the satellite communications industry


Development of wireless designs for PCS and LMDS; management of telecom product developments, commercial and military; LAN/WAN designs; intelligent payphone planning and operations; Operator Services planning / engineering / operations; economic studies


Expert in accounting, auditing and business valuations


Expert in battery performance and test

Tom Kirkendall