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Telecommunications Engineering and Regulatory

FABIO DE POLI, Senior Engineer

Fabio De Poli began work for W.L. Pritchard & Co., L.C. in 1998.   His responsibilities include: 


·                     use specialized software such as Visualize, Satellite Tool Kit STK, Free Flyer, for simulation of orbit  maneuvers and antenna coverages for geostationary satellites and low and medium earth orbit satellite constellations;

·                     use applications software to evaluate client plans for satellite relocation including analysis of antenna bore site change requirements;

·                     calculate potential satellite and earth station interference, and identify means to resolve interference, to support client intersystem coordination requirements under ITU procedures and recommendations

·                     prepare client ITU electronic filings using ITU software such as SpaceQuery, SpaceCap, SpacePub, MSpace, SpaceCom, Gims.

·                     support preparation of financial analyses for clients of backlog, revenues and financial profiles


Office expert in using a range of computer tools to solve engineering and financial problems and in developing or modifying software as required.


            Mr. De Poli holds a Laurea di Dottore in Ingegneria Aeronautica from the Politecnic of Milan, Italy.  This degree is equivalent of a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering.  He is a Member of the AIAA.  He is a co-author of a technical publication entitled “Spacecraft Applications of Electric Propulsion”, published by W.L. Pritchard & Co., L.C.   He also co-authored a presentation for the Joint Propulsion Conference, entitled “Three-Burn Centaur with Electric Propulsion Upper Stage Delivers Maximum Payload”.