ELLEN D. HOFF, President


W.L. Pritchard & Co., L.C.
2228 Q Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008


Telecommunications Engineering and Regulatory

Ellen Hoff brings to W.L. Pritchard & Co., L.C. over 30 years’ experience in international operations, marketing, and corporate planning in the telecommunications industry. She is responsible for strategic market, financial evaluations and competitive business assessments, operations plans, intersystem coordination strategy, and regulatory filings.


       As senior member of the Corporate Development unit at COMSAT in the 1980s, Ms. Hoff was responsible for the development of business plans to penetrate competitive markets and for analyses of such issues as international service demand and facility supply. As Vice President and General Manager of International Satellite Services, she developed new services in consultation with the company’s customers and international partners.  By restructuring operations to improve the focus on customers and quality of service, Ms. Hoff enabled COMSAT to achieve 125% growth in new services and 16% growth in established services.  As Vice President for International Operations, she was responsible for the engineering, operations and international policy staff. Her interdepartmental task force developed new digital communications services and obtained international agreement to implement these services on the INTELSAT system.  Ms. Hoff represented the United States on a number of INTELSAT committees, including those concerned with budgets, business plans, prices, and satellite procurement and deployment.  She also served for two years as Chairman of the INTELSAT Advisory Committee on Planning, a group of international signatory experts responsible for demand forecasts and satellite procurement.


       Ms. Hoff received her B.A. from Harvard University and her M.A. from the George Washington University.  She also completed Colgate Darden Business School Executive Management Seminars.


         In 2002 she was elected a National Board Member of the Society for Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), and served as President and then Chairman from 2004-2005. She also has served as President of the SSPI Mid-Atlantic Chapter.   She was elected a member of the Pacific Telecommunications Council Advisory Council. She served as Guest Editor of the International Journal of Satellite Communications, and contributed to the spring 2009 issue of the Online Journal of Space Communication . She was elected as President of COMARA from 2003-2006. She has organized panels and made presentations at professional conferences such as AIAA, PTC, and Phillips Satellite sessions.  She was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Society of Satellite Professionals in March 2011.